Starting a Hedge Fund

Setting up an investment fund can be a daunting task. Whereas those wishing to take the step are usually on top of their investment field, setting up a hedge fund also means having to deal with in no particular order;

· Running a middle office and back office, fund accounting

· Reviewing tax (personal, corporate, VAT), financial accounting for the business, audit

· Compliance, AML, sanctions and legal

· Operations, office, IT

· Dealing with fund service providers

There are various parties wishing to help, but in almost all cases, their starting point is their own business, be it the prime broker, the administrator, the lawyers and they seldom (if ever) can catch all issues a new manager will face.

Having seen, done and lived it, we can advise on ALL matters. Work with trusted partners, select other parties, negotiate fee arrangements (in itself a whole subject). We can assist from helping to prepare marketing presentations, filing FCA applications, selection of various providers.

No single fund launch is ever the same, so our advice as to structure and your best potential service providers will always vary. We listen to your concerns, give advice, support, but also will challenge your assumptions as a trusted independent partner and aim to continuously make improvements.

Feel free to send an email or call +44 207 6920036 or +44 7799 415788 and we are happy to have an introductory meeting and review how we can be assistance.