Interim & Part Time Operation Managers

Prior to starting out, the FCA usually will require a full team, CFO, COO, Risk Manager, Compliance Officer to be identified. Often these roles can be undertaken by the same person, but for capital raising the width and depth of an organisation is still often an important deciding factor. As setting up a new hedge fund business can carry significant costs, having interim or part time staff may be a cost effective solution. As the business grows such staff members may be replaced, for full time staff. Particularly a strong understanding in Compliance and AML matters, often in consultation with external advisory firm, is vital.

Alternatively, where staff members which undertook such role leave permanently or are temporarily indisposed and mission critical work is undertaken we can assist as well at short notice. We can introduce potential team members, or direct you to various executive search firms which are specialised in the positions you are looking to fill.

Should you wish to discuss how we can be of service please email us on or call on +44 207 6920036 or +44 7799 415788