PH7 Hedge Fund Consultants

Independent advice on

  • All issues relating to starting an investment fund (e.g. selecting service providers, fund structuring, market position)

  • Due diligence, both on structural high level reports for corporate transactions, as well as operational due diligence

  • Legal expert witness reporting

  • Setting up a London office for growing overseas managers, particularly US and Asia-based managers

  • Comprehensive review to prepare investment managers for their second phase growth (marketing, operations etc.)

  • Providing interim or part-time senior operational staff (CFO, COO, Compliance)

  • Provisioning independent fund directors (list of available director can be found below)

Please call us on +44 207 6920036 or +44 7799415788

Attached is an introductory article of PH7 Hedge Fund Consultants available for distribution.

PH7 Hedge Fund Consultants - Introduction.pdf